Chapter 3 (c) : Construction and Related Engineering Services


Improvements Implemented Since Last IAP

Current Entry Requirements

Further Improvements Planned


Operational Requirements






The federal government develops model national construction codes and establishes the parameters for federal environmental assessments. Provincial governments are responsible for provincial construction codes (based on the national model codes), labour standards, and environmental regulations. Municipalities set zoning requirements and are responsible for approving building applications, issuing building permits, and conducting building inspections.




Licensing and Qualification Requirements of Service Providers






Foreign Entry




NFL and Labrador has removed their deposit requirement making it easier for non-resident contractors to provide general construction work for buildings. ON has remove their incorporation and residency requirements for applicants and holders of a water power site development permits for General construction work for civil engineering.



Specific commitments in this area, including some limitations on national treatment both at federal and provincial levels, are set out in Canada's GATS Schedule. The only limitations on cross-border trade are related to construction activities undertaken from ships or particular provincial rules and regulations.  More detailed information is available from Canada’s GATS Schedule.



Discriminatory Treatment/





No restrictions beyond those identified under the category “Foreign Entry”.  More detailed information is available from Canada’s GATS Schedule.