Chapter 3 (d) : Distribution Services


Improvements Implemented Since Last IAP

Current Entry Requirements

Further Improvements Planned


Operational Requirements






Distribution services are governed by the laws of the provinces and territories and may be subject to municipal zoning requirements.



Licensing and Qualification Requirements of Service Providers





Municipal zoning requirements govern the establishment of retail and wholesale distribution services.  The distribution of alcoholic products is licensed at the provincial level and the distribution of liquor, and in some provinces beer and wine, is reserved to the provincial governments.



Foreign Entry




Two restrictions have been removed by provincial governments: one residency requirement for direct sellers by Newfoundland and one by Nova Scotia regarding the marketing of fish products.   


Specific commitments in this area, including some limitations on national treatment both at federal and provincial levels, are set out in Canada's GATS Schedule. No limitations with the exception of a number of provincial measures relating to commercial presence, citizenship and indirect tax measures.  The distribution of alcohol, certain foods, and certain cultural products are not included in Canada’s GATS commitments.




Discriminatory Treatment/






None beyond those mentioned under the category “Foreign Entry”.