Chapter 3 (f) : Environment Services


Improvements Implemented Since Last IAP

Current Entry Requirements

Further Improvements Planned


Operational Requirements







Regulations applicable to the environmental services sector exist at the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal levels.  The majority of Canadian regulations relate to the protection and conservation of Canada’s environment.  Municipalities also maintain some zoning requirements which restrict the location of waste disposal sites.




Licensing and Qualification Requirements of Service Providers






To achieve Canada’s environmental objectives a number of regulatory tools are used.  These regulatory tools are found at various levels of government and reflect the sharing of responsibility with respect to environmental matters.  Provincial and territorial authorities responsible for the environment are, for example, usually in charge of the application of legislation relating to solid waste.  Usually, anyone collecting, transporting, processing, storing, or disposing of garbage requires a provincial or territorial permit or licence.   Waste management regulations define and designate the different types of wastes and prescribe standards for the location, maintenance, and operation of waste disposal sites and waste management systems.




Foreign Entry






Canada has undertaken commitments in the GATS for the full range of environmental services classified under the WTO Services Sectoral Classification List (W/120) and corresponding United Nations Central Product Classification (UNCPC).  Commitments cover: 6.A Sewage services (CPC 9401); 6.B Refuse disposal services (CPC 9402); 6.C Sanitation and similar services (CPC 9403); and 6.D Other environmental services -- cleaning of exhaust gases, noise abatement services, nature and landscape protection services, and other environmental protection services not included elsewhere -- (CPC 9404, 9405, 9406, 9409).


Canada's schedule lists no limitations for Market Access, except for mode 4 of market access where the commitment is unbound, except as indicated in its horizontal commitments.





Discriminatory Treatment/








Specific commitments in this area are set out in Canada's GATS Schedule.  There are no limitations on National Treatment, except for mode 4 under National Treatment where the commitment is unbound, except as indicated in its horizontal commitments.


Canada has not taken any GATS MFN exemptions for the environmental services sector.