Chapter 3 (i) : Tourism and Travel Related Services


Improvements Implemented since Last IAP

Current Entry Requirements

Further Improvements Planned


Operational Requirements





Tour and hotel operators and travel agents are generally regulated under provincial legislation.



Licensing and Qualification Requirements of Service Providers




Licensing of certain activities of travel agents, hotel operators and tour operators are subject to provincial regulations.



Foreign Entry





Specific commitments in this area are set out in Canada's GATS Schedule. Canada has made commitments on most tourism services. Some provincial measures apply with respect to sales of alcoholic beverages and there are some residency and commercial presence requirements.




Discriminatory Treatment/





Elimination of Ontario restriction on board of directors regarding the sale of alcoholic beverage


Elimination of Quebec Residency requirements on travel agencies and travel counselors



There are some residency requirements in certain provinces that pertain to purchase of residential property (Ontario), sale of alcoholic beverages (Alberta, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Manitoba) and travel agents, counselors or wholesalers (Ontario, British Columbia). See Canada's GATS Schedule for more details.