Chapter 3 (k:2) : Transport Services:  Air


Improvements Implemented Since Last IAP

Current Entry Requirements

Further Improvements Planned


Operational Requirements






The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) is responsible for the economic regulation of transportation undertakings which come under federal jurisdiction.  The CTA has the powers, rights and privileges of a superior court and is the economic licensing authority for publicly available air transportation.  The Canada Transportation Act is the primary piece of legislation that established the CTA and provides the economic regulatory framework for the air industry in Canada.  


More information is available on the website of the Agency ( and  the Transport Canada website (




Licensing and Qualification Requirements of Service Providers





All air carriers, both domestic and foreign, are required to have an Air Operators Certificate issued by Transport Canada.  Canadian and foreign airlines also must hold an international scheduled or non-scheduled license issued by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) in order to operate services to and from Canada.  Licences are granted to foreign scheduled airlines that are designated by their governments to serve Canada and to Canadian scheduled airlines designated by the Canadian government to serve foreign countries (both must meet other Canadian regulatory requirements).  Canadian carriers must obtain domestic licences from the Agency to conduct operations within Canada.


More information is available on the website of the Agency ( and  the Transport Canada website (




Foreign Entry





Specific commitments and reservations are set out in Canada’s GATS schedule. Canada’s commitments are limited to aircraft repair and maintenance services and computer reservation systems.  Regarding repair and maintenance services, Canada has not bound consumption abroad.




Discriminatory Treatment/






Under the Air Annex, air traffic rights and services directly related to te exercise of traffic rights are excluded from the GATS.  Only the selling and marketing of air transport services and aircraft repair and maintenance services for “consumption abroad” have been listed as MFN exemptions.