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A Brief History of Wood Wedding Rings

wooden rings

We should begin with a short statement from writer David Russell McAnally from his article in Popular Science Monthly, November 1887. It’s 1887, and this man is discussing rings, sitting in an exhibition hall that had been open for right around 130 years as of now. While the article doesn’t give an exact time of said rings, it leaves the impression they are, and I accept the relevant term is, when you stop to consider it, it bodes well. Wood is one of the most well-known, handily acquired, and flexible materials on the planet. Sometimes, before man aced the craft of cutting stone into lances or mining iron metal to smelt into kick-ass battle-axes,¬†wooden rings ¬†were there to give our most essential instruments and supplies. You may have spent the better pieces of your secondary school days acquiring that C short in the metal shop, yet you began cobbling together that horrible wooden dovecote your mom swore was high.

Our Range of Wood Wedding Bands:

Instead of those old, unique, unrefined circles sitting in some dusty exhibition hall, the present wooden rings are smooth, expertly made, and smoother than the pickup line you initially used to break the ice with your companion to-be. Careful consideration has paid to choose the correct wood for the activity, and every gem specialist takes as much time as is needed to shape the piece to correct measurements. Next, it has covered in a water-safe tar before being dispatched off to its new masculine proprietor. Investigate a couple, The Buffalo, tungsten, with mahogany decorate. Wild, intense, tempting. An image of the glad and solid creature soul inside you. This ring says something, yet just on its terms. Attempt to see this ring and NOT picture a strong Viking warrior, gazing intently at his foes, before setting out a piling aiding of challenge ass. This ring is extreme like you while as yet being lightweight, which could conceivably resemble you. Not that that issue.

Thinking about Your Wood Wedding Ring:

Just try not to go dunking your wooden ring into the pool at the Y. That pitch is water-safe, not waterproof. You know the distinction. You’ve seen your amigo’s deck. At that point, one that was expected for a re-recolouring three years back and looked more like a dark, wavy potato chip than anything you need to go to a BBQ on. Try not to do that to your ring. Keep it out of the pool/sea/shower/restroom, and all will be the sauce. Man, you just endured right around 1000 words that always included “wood” without returning to your old 12-year-old self and falling on the floor chuckling like a hyena then again, actually one joke from prior.I was unable to support myself, and I trust you got a laugh. In any case, honestly, I think we as a whole get it now. Wood rings aren’t some new trendy person craze. They’re a connect to our start as animal varieties, our most essential roots. Honestly now, investigate our Manly Bands Woodsmen Collection. They are a genuinely exceptional, macho articulation of your adoration for the outside and praise to the primary apparatuses ever worked with the human hand.

wooden rings

Stunning Wooden Wedding Rings:

The Simply Wood Rings Philosophy. We love wood. Wood is warm, alive, lovely, vibrant, and intentional. It represents profound and physical sustenance. Our craftsmen make handcrafted, custom show-stoppers consolidating an assortment of different materials, for example, dinosaur bone, shooting star, prong, valuable metals, and jewels. Our Exotic Inlay Collection highlights wedding rings made without any SEAMS anyplace in the last piece and secured with a licensed Ring Armor along these lines, ensuring your unique magnum opus from the components. Each Exotic Inlay Ring accompanies a testament of legitimacy marked by the craftsman.