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A Quick Glimpse on LED TVs

LED billboards

The most attracting point regarding LED TV is the light-emit diode for representing the clear backlight display on a television.  LED TVs are generally big screens which are seen in big events including sports and rock events. LED TV is the recent trend seen in the entertainment world which uses modern technology. LED TVs are gaining attention very rapidly and today the world of entertainment is mostly occupied with LED TVs. LED billboards have a major role in the functioning of LED TVs.

LED billboards

Functioning of LED TVs

 The light source is the basic functioning formula for every television. However, all the recent TVs work with backlit projection on to the displaying screen. Cathode ray Standard tubes are used by the television’s decade ago. The standard cathode ray tubes are set in the project light and at the back of the television on to the screen.  The cathode ray tubes are replaced by light emitting diodes in LED TVs to prevent light.  LED TVs consume less power and at the same time, it is small. When compared with LCD TVs, LED TVs are thinner than them. They are more energy competent and offer a wide color scope.

LEDs technology types

 Generally, two forms of lighting technologies are being used by the LED TVs. RGB LED lighting technology and edge-lit LED backlighting.  Great difference of back and white color projections is offered by RGB LED lighting.  Light-emitting diodes are used behind the RGB LED television screen, allowing for regional dimming and paves the way to deliver more vibrant color. These are more expensive and thicker than edge-lit LED televisions.

Difference between LED and LCD TVs

The manufacturers are showing much interest in LED TVs as the production cost of these televisions is cheaper than LCD TVs. LED TVs produce better quality picture compared to other televisions. Manufacturers moved towards LED production line. Still, there are LCD TVs produced in the market however only very few are being sold out.

TV size: There is no doubt that LED TVs are dominating the market in the modern world. Large screen LED TVs are available and are attracting those people who love to watch movies on the big screen.  LED TVs comes in smaller sizes as well.  When LED and LCD TVs are offered at the equal price range it is better to choose LED TV.  LED TVs have better picture contrast compared to LCD TVs. The quality of the picture is very high as LED display have one LED behind each picture. LED TVs ensures brighter displays. Mercury is not been used by the LED TVs which is seen in other backlighting techniques. When you are interested in watching only tv content through set-top box then avoid buying a TV with extra functionality. When the TV content is based on flash drives it is better to buy the TV model that supports all the popular file formats.

LED TVs has become cheaper when compared to LCD TVs and have gained more popularity within a short span due to its features.