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Ad blocker is not only good for the users but also for the advertisers and the publishers


In early stages the change will always be opposed, no matter whether it is positive or negative. Thus why the biggest and good changes will always takes the time and effort to come into the world. The demand for the ad blocker is increased because of the quality of user ad experience has been continuously decreased over the last few years. Advertising is mostly aimed for the bigger and more annoyance. The adblocker makes differentiation between the high quality and the low quality advertising. The ad blocker will block only the low quality ads and the bad ads which the user don’t want to see. Somme websites are started the pop ups to promote their products. This is ridiculous the pop ups will always annoy you when you are working. It will interrupt you. So the ad blocker will block it. If you pick the right ad blocker then you can enjoy the higher speed of page load. Ad blocker is not killing the advertising industry. It will kill only the poor user experience ads. The ad blocker will give another chance to those sites that are advertising to improve the quality of their ads. In fact most of the ads do more harm than the good.


Now many ads have auto play feature, so we cannot skip them. Some pop up on your screen on the moment when you are not expecting it. The advertising industry has been failed to establish the successful regulation in order to control the advertising standards. This put the industry in the risk now not the ad blockers. While the responsibility should fall on the advertisers over time of the ads, the publishing community has to control the type of the ads and the amount of the ads.


Actually people didn’t hate the ads, the hate the bad experience with the ads. The ad blocker will banned only the annoying and bad ads. They will not ban the good quality and time maintaining ads. This will lead to the advertisers to improve their quality and the time period of their ads. Until, then people should use the ad blockers to remove such annoying ads from their online experience. If advertisers may create the high quality ads consuming the resources, skills, energy and time then the ad blockers will not block it. So the advertisers will see this as an opportunity to improve their ads instead of blaming the ad blockers for banning their ads. As for advertisers they have to go back to their early stages and see the advertising as a form art once again instead of annoying people in the internet. Once the ads get changed the online will be brighter. As the user the ad blocker will help to block the ads which are annoying more. It will save your time. You can do your work without having any interruptions. By using the ad blocker in your system there are no more annoying pop ups on your screen.