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Authentic Rugs and Your Choices There

affordable rugs

The oriental rugs, wonderful, evocative, and hand-knotted, with various patterns and motifs, represent a source of pride in a home: regardless of its style, modern or classic, the house is always enriched by a decoration of this kind.

However, often, the style of the most fashionable environments does not agree with the classic rugs. This is why designers and designers of great brands of oriental affordable rugs have decided to renew, in the wake of the tradition of international design, the essential elements of the rug materials, textures, colours, and patterns without however betraying the original technique of hand knotting.

A famous brand, for example, has been collaborating for some time with the best-known brands in the world of fashion and design, and its collections represent excellence in the field of furnishing accessories and best identify the concepts of beauty, uniqueness and refinement that make it an exclusive brand, present in the most glamorous places in the world.

Modern oriental rugs

affordable rugs

As already mentioned, with regard to oriental rugs, there are more modern versions of these creations, which nevertheless never betray the essence of an artefact of this kind, namely hand knotting. And therefore, alongside the traditional line of antique rugs, contemporary collections that are highly customizable are often created ad hoc, preserving the charm of the Oriental rug, but with more modern yet original suggestions.

For example, approaching model mixes traditional geometries typical of an oriental rug with a modern motif. The design in the centre of the rug, in fact, is a revisitation of the figure of a famous video game made with two materials in different parts: virgin wool 98% and viscose 2%.

Diamond pattern rug

A historic brand of international renown in the antiques and luxury furnishings sectors, Illulian Tappeti, has been able to build over the years a path of continuous growth.

Modern rugs for the hall

The rugs are furnishing accessories that can radically change the face of the room. Choosing the right rug can be a bit stingy, since, being an element that attracts. How to wash rugs, here are the secrets of the trade.

Rug cleaning

Our home spaces are pleasantly complemented by the presence of lovely rugs: in winter they make the space warm and familiar, perhaps comfortably seated in front of a fireplace, you enjoy this.

Rugs for the bathroom

Indispensable at the exit of the shower, can be coordinated with towels, bathrobes and bath towels, useful if positioned in front of the sink and sanitary ware. The bathroom kit cannot do with.

Oriental rugs, so ancient, so current: Persian rug

Among the oriental rugs, the Persian rug stands out, representing an important piece of furniture capable of transforming an anonymous location into a special environment. Each handcrafted rug is, in fact, unique and inimitable, with a design and original intrinsic characteristics.

How to choose it wisely?

The first discriminating factor in the wide world of Persian rugs is certainly knotting: each rug is in fact made up of hundreds of thousands of knots in sequence. There are two different types of knots: the Turkish one and the Persian one, but in general, the more the knots are thick, the higher the quality of the rug. Furthermore, tribal rugs are quite different from those produced in the city; this does not mean that the latter are of lower quality, but are simply fundamentally different.