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leptitox reviews

Never eat and watch TV, because that prevents you from realizing what you are eating and we usually eat more food. Better, every time you go to watch your favorite show or series, perform another activity. For example, tidy up the house a little, get on your treadmill or bicycle which is no longer just a clothes rack, and prepare your clothes the next day. The idea is that you do not remain still. With the leptitox reviews you can find the best choice.

leptitox reviews

Chew gum, but in moderation

Chewing gum without sugar can be a good ally against anxiety and it is very valid to use it, but do not overdo it because it also inflames the stomach and can cause pain or increase gastrointestinal discomforts such as gastritis and colitis. Use it, but little.

Warm water or green tea in the morning

An excellent habit is that when you wake up you drink a glass of warm water or if you prefer, a cup of green tea. It must be fasting. You will be surprised by the results.

Cheat at your whim

Strong flavors such as mint and eucalyptus can help you cheat anxiety. A sugar-free mint candy will refresh your breath and lessen the desire to go for treats. Eye, it must be without sugar to make you fat.

Fill your stomach before eating

About twenty minutes before eating, fill your stomach with water, so the gastric volume will be lower, less food will fit and you will feel full faster.

Always start with a salad

We almost always start the meal with pasta soup, and then we leave with more carbohydrates such as rice or more pasta and continue with the main course. Modify your menu a bit. Start with salad or fruit. Prefer consomm├ęs and broths to pasta soups and go straight to the main course without going through rice or spaghetti. Only with this will you see that you will begin to lose weight.

You do not need to accompany your food with bread

We are used to eating with bread or tortillas as an accompaniment to food, but in reality, it is not necessary. If you flatly feel that you cannot eliminate this custom because you feel that you have not eaten, the tortilla prefers a thousand times to bread, it is much healthier and less fattening.

Be aware of what you eat

Preferably, take note of what you eat every day so that you alone go doing a self-analysis of how balanced your food is. Remember that you are not on a diet, if you want you can go today to eat some tacos of a couple of slices of pizza, the problem is when those little tastes, which we should give ourselves from time to time, become our daily diet. Do you want a donut? Eat it. Just don’t eat a donut every day.

Eat without guilt

It is proven that guilt makes you fat. If you are going to eat that chocolate cake that you love so much, do it, enjoy it, and enjoy its aroma, texture and flavor. Eat it free of regret, but with responsibility, this means that you enjoy it, but considering that tomorrow you must eat balanced. That is what they call loving oneself.