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CBD Brand Marketing

cannabis brand marketing

Cannabis may be a plant. folks use the dried leaves, seed oil, and alternative elements of the cannabis plant for recreational and healthful functions. It will have a pleasant result and will soothe the symptoms of assorted conditions, like chronic pain. a number of the ingredients in the cannabis area unit mind-blowing (mind-altering), however others don’t seem to be. The efficiency and balance of the ingredients vary, reckoning on however the manufacturer grows and processes the plant.

Cannabis contains chemicals which will have numerous effects on the body. It’s a well-liked narcotic with some healthful uses.Anyone World Health Organization is considering exploitation cannabis for any purpose ought to initially make certain it’s legal to use in their state. This makes cannabis brand marketing vital because the audience World Health Organization area unit in want of Cannabis connected medicines or products can notice and obtain access to the brands that area unit legal in an exceedingly simple manner.

Top Cannabis Brands


A beautiful complete engineered for the social high, it’s lightweight mind-altering drug and high CBD formula bring a well-balanced expertise.The visual identity of the complete centers round the polygon, from the luxurious blue box each vape pen comes in, to the hexangular vape pen itself.

Creativity, Curiosity and marvel area unit the core tenants of Sonder, maybe the foremost mindful  of all the cannabis brands.

Aster Farms

cannabis brand marketing

From cockcrow to time of day, Aster Farms is a singular, property cannabis complete that’s Japanese-minimalism, Brooklyn-chic and California-conscious at identical times. They’ve designed a singular identity system around strains and performance with packaging representational processes, a sun on the front, and stagnate the rear.


Juna may be a cannabis and hemp assortment crafted in Golden State to optimize pleasure be it physically, spiritually or maybe gastronomically. But, for our functions here, we’ll concentrate on the apparent visual delights – a sleek, industrial nonetheless far-out wordmark floats atop a fantastically muted and earthy background tied to its plant origin with a cool blue-grey for cannabis and stuff inexperienced for hemp.


Welcome to art meets science. What makes Olo completely different from alternative cannabis brands is their use of “applied organic chemistry and neurobiology to make one thing extraordinary.” Their aesthetic as a result, is each clinical and communicatory, exploitation and symbol that shifts with coloured gradients for numerous functions.

Cannabis selling / marketing

Unfortunately, the selling of cannabis and CBD,remains lamentably behind. For these businesses, the flexibility to develop ANd target an audience across brand-safe digital properties is essential; it’s additionally a large challenge. the dearth of handiness and accessibility on the digital front. Worse still is that the indisputable fact that CPG brands are a unit dependent on second-hand or anecdotal information to work out the effectiveness of digital campaigns designed to drive traffic in dispensaries that stock their product. This makes CPG brands discerning spenders World Health Organization area units forced to lean heavily on secondary metrics (impressions, brand lift, etc.) to measure success.

Cannabis selling is extremely regulated and highly monitored, therefore you would like to grasp wherever you’ll be able to market.

Common selling technique

Paid search

Google’s ad policy clearly states that “ads for substances that alter psychological state for the aim of recreation or otherwise embrace ‘highs’” don’t seem to be allowed. so selling through SEO and GMB optimisation is the most suitable choice till Google provides the OK.

Programmatic advertising

you can craft compliant artistic and cling to state and city/town rules (which are perpetually changing), you’ll be able to leverage programmatic advertising to succeed in new and existing customers on-line.