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Choices You Must Go For In Choosing the Proxy Server

pirate proxy

Other more obscure proxy providers instead take the IPs with which they create computer proxies that they have infected with viruses created for this purpose. It is totally illegal and to be avoided absolutely. Since the IPs of these proxies are constantly being rotated, these services are used very much by spammers who register thousands of accounts and consequently send all the IPs that at the beginning were excellent and clean, in the Instagram blacklist. Connecting from a residential IP that has been abused is a bit like crossing the border with a machine used for robberies. With the pirate proxy this happens to be a very important step.


Although they may exist, you are not aware of proxy services that offer clean and static residential proxies which do not rotate, but people are certainly impossible to find.

pirate proxy

The fact remains that if you find a supplier that offers them from some other country, they are a good choice compared to datacenters.  Beware of anyone claiming to sell Italian residential proxies, the possibility that they have obtained hundreds of residential IPs from Telecom or Vodafone is inversely proportional to that of throwing their money. Maximum 3-5 accounts per proxy.

Proxy 4G / LTE / Mobile:

They are created using the IPs of 4G connections and are the most powerful. The IPs you receive by browsing with your mobile data connection have a very high level of trust on Instagram and, when used for automation, they avoid many headaches due to blockages, account suspension and other penalties.

Example of IP 4G / LTE / Mobile:

The IP in example is of Vodafone, geo located in Italy and assigned to mobile use data connection. Proxy-related blocks are virtually absent when used within the limits of Instagram. Note however, that a 4G proxy is not a repellent for action blocks, absolutely.

However, it allows you to perform the same actions you do on your mobile even on bots including like and repost. Obviously the hourly or daily limits to which we are accustomed remain and making too many actions 800 plus per day for follow for example clearly leads to blocks, regardless of whether we are using the best available proxies.

Why are they different from other proxies?

The IPs that operators assign to mobile phones are not dedicated to a single user, as is the case for data centers and residential areas. When you use the WiFi in your home you are using an assigned IP that in that moment you are using only you. Therefore, by connecting multiple accounts on the same residential IP, Instagram may suspect that the accounts are all of the same person being that given IP assigned only to you.

This however does not happen when you are connected in 4G or you use a mobile proxy for a simple reason: the IPv4 addresses are exhausted and those available have already all been assigned to the various operators. On the other hand, however, the number of mobile phones in the world has exceeded that of IPv4 and therefore operators must assign the same IP to more people to allow everyone to browse.