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Choose Your Options for Vaping Right

vapor liquid uk

Unlike cigarettes, the vape delivers the nicotine present in the liquid of its cartridge without combustion. When the button is pressed, the resistance heats up and the diluent base of the e-liquid, either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, changes to a gaseous state under the effect of heat, explains an expert. These vaporized molecules then condense very quickly in the form of very fine droplets whose visual appearance is the same as tobacco smoke. When sucked in, this cloud dissipates very quickly in the respiratory tract. One part returns to the gaseous state and delivers its load of nicotine. Within five seconds of the puff, you should normally have a feeling of satisfaction in the back of the throat, which appeases the urge to smoke, even before the nicotine delivered arrives in the brain for a few seconds later. With the vapor liquid uk you can find the best choices now.

vapor liquid uk

A good solution or another addiction

Electronic cigarettes versus tobacco, our expert explains why the first puts you at less risk. It is infinitely less harmful. Cigarettes kill one in two regular smokers, while the electronic cigarette, tested for over ten years by several million users worldwide, has not yet killed anyone.

It is much less addictive. We notice that the majority of those who have switched to vaping with the aim of quitting smoking also end up vaping within six months. Some continue, but with liquids very low in nicotine. Finally, 10 to 15% remain dependent on this smokeless nicotine, which is preferable to smoking.

Vape well

To choose the right equipment, it is better to avoid the first purchase on the Internet. In specialized shops, you can benefit from real advice and ask all the questions necessary to understand all the details.

Which model?

When you start, it is better to opt for a simple model and learn on the spot how to use it.

What e-liquid?

A liquid is like a pair of shoes: if it doesn’t please, we won’t use it. In other words, to find the one that suits us, we must always try several. The puff must reproduce, within the first five seconds, the pleasure felt with cigarette smoke. The ideal is to start with a low dosage of nicotine, between 6 and 8 mg/ml, by taking small bursts. If it is bland, a sign that the concentration is insufficient, we try a higher dosage. If we cough, it is because it is too strong. And we grope well until reaching this feeling of pleasure. And this pleasure will be even greater if we also find the aroma that we like, hence the importance of experimenting with several. Count between 5 and 6 $ the 10 ml bottle.

Learn to vape.

You have to breathe more slowly and more regularly than with a cigarette to avoid excessive nicotine shots in the brain, which maintain dependence. Better to take a few puffs regularly throughout the day, without waiting to feel lacking, so as to maintain a stable level of nicotine, advises our expert. In the beginning, it can be every five minutes if necessary, and then we gradually space out the catches. It is the body that dictates needs: if you want nicotine, you vaped otherwise, we do not vape.