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Choosing the best Choices for the Printed T Shirts

bedruckte t-shirts

Just like a normal printer, an image for clothing must be of good quality to be able to print. Therefore, always ensure that you have a high-quality PDF file, for example, so that there are not too few pixels that result in an unclear and grainy print with pale colors. You can first edit an image such as a photo with a graphic program to make it stand out, for example by choosing a black-and-white filter in which certain parts will remain in color. The bedruckte t-shirts are perfect now for you.

Colors of clothing and printing

It has already been mentioned before that clothing and printing must contrast sufficiently. Where previously you could only print simple white T-shirts, you now sometimes have a choice of dozens of colors. Make sure that the clothing and the printing are not to curse, but also that the colors contrast enough.

What types of printing are there?

bedruckte t-shirts

Clothing is often printed by means of transfer printing or screen printing. What are the differences between them? Screen printing gives a clear print of good quality, but is fairly labor intensive and not suitable for photos. A separate film is made of each design, making it relatively expensive for small numbers. With transfer printing, the design is printed on transfer paper, which is then placed on the clothing with a high-temperature press. This method is suitable for both text and (detailed) images, and is cheaper for small quantities or even unique items. Some providers also offer the possibility to have clothing embroidered, this has a chic look and is very durable, but also more expensive than the other two printing options.

Difficult to come up with a nice subject for a speech

The teacher or master says, for example, that a talk can be about your pet, the sport you do or the profession of your parents. It is also nice to discuss what you like to do when you are not at school. What are your hobbies? For example, many children enjoy tinkering. But sometimes you don’t feel like painting, cutting or pasting. Did you know that you can print your own clothing yourself? This way you can decorate boring clothes that you have to put on from your father or mother. By printing it with a text or image, it might become your favorite shirt. Below you can read how to print on clothing.

Print clothing with transfer paper

You make the print on your clothing from transfer paper. First you search the computer for example in Google a nice picture. Your favorite cartoon character or your favorite animal? Or do I write Word your name or a funny text. Then you print this on the transfer paper, which you then iron onto the clothing. But what exactly do you need if you want to design and print your own clothing?

Check the design while designing

Of course you want to know what it will look like when designing clothes. A pity, after all, if you didn’t see the design directly on your screen when ordering, and it turned out to be different from how you had planned. Therefore choose a printing company with a well-arranged online design tool, in which your designs are immediately visible.

You see, there are a lot of things to think about if you want clothing printed. However, with these tips you know exactly what to think of so that you receive the printed clothing exactly as you designed it yourself.