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Choosing the escape game Singapore Is A Hard Task Now

escape game singapore

In recent years, after having been successful in reality, the escape game singapore has entered the world of board games. Being locked in a room or building, and having an hour’s stop to get out of it by solving puzzles, opening locks, and using the logical mind, is becoming a very popular game with gamers. Some teachers understood the appeal of such a suspenseful and reflective game and decided to use this kind of approach to teaching school subjects, considered to be abstract and sometimes complicated, to their students.

escape game singapore

A mathematical escape game in which you are the hero

Trendy school Discover a new concept of educational activity imagined and developed by a mathematics teacher, which is based on a program known and used by all, PowerPoint, by combining popularity escape games and video games. The excerpt from this game can be found in 4 minutes.


This site provides the help you need to create an escape game in the classroom. He will answer the questions: How to create a riddle? Why? What are the constraints in a class? Etc. It offers a series of challenges that can give ideas to several teachers, digital objects according to a given theme, and lists escape games available online for free. This site also provides a large list of turnkey escape games.

Room Escape Maker

This online application allows you to design a virtual escape game using objects and rooms from a house. Very easy to use, the teacher will just have to create an account, move the objects in the different spaces, to then create the puzzles.

It is true that it is always interesting to seek out other people’s projects and adapt them to your situation. However, with this list of websites that can guide teachers, we hope they will create some on their own as well.

These puzzles can take various forms and be linked to mechanisms.

To be able to cope, the team has to organize itself according to their skills. Communication, cooperation and the sharing of ideas and thoughts are crucial during the allotted time. Note that during the game, participants benefit from the support of a game master who, from the start, takes care of briefing and entrusting the mission to be carried out. He remains with the players throughout the game to intervene in the event of a problem. Even if at the end of the game, the players have not managed to exit the escape room, the game master opens them and carries out a debriefing so that they are aware of the gaps that led to the failure. .

A game beyond borders

The escape game is a relatively recent concept. It first appeared in Japan about ten years ago following the creation of a game with phenomenal success: point &click. The main character had to find puzzles and clues to get out of it. In 2007 the model was created, but this time in real life. In 2010, the concept was imported into Europe, more precisely in Budapest, and quickly emulated. Geneva, London, Brussels, Berlin, Madrid, the biggest European cities will open their escape game rooms.

Some brands offer games inspired by horror, science-fiction or even thrillers. Others go further by organizing the escape game not in rooms, but directly in places full of stories or atypical places.