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Did you know that there are over ten billion searches in Google every year on Google? Consumers are actively seeking information and comparing products and services online. In order to reach these potential customers moving from the streets to the online environment, businesses also need to be present and visible online. From The wealthy affiliate you can find the best deal now.

By nature, man always seeks the easiest and easiest solution. As a result, the first three search engine results can generate up to 70% of user clicks; the farther you go in the search results, the fewer clicks there will be. So, if you want to reach as many potential customers as possible, your site should rank as high as possible in the search results.

The purpose of search engine optimization is to direct potential customers from search engines to your site

  • Fortunately, this is not the case, as search engine optimization can influence a site’s search engine ranking. Search engine optimization is the process of developing a website so that the site serves its users as well as possible and the content of the site is understandable and clear to the search engines. The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to improve your site’s Search Engine Ranking as the Google search engine favors relevant, user-friendly sites that serve users’ needs.

A site’s search engine friendliness is influenced by many factors, which can be roughly divided into two aspects: optimization based on the content of the site, such as image and text content, and technical optimization of the site’s server and code.

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In this article, we will focus on the technical optimization of your site and tell you how you can make your site more search engine friendly with small technical fixes.

Take into account these technical features of your site and maximize your search engine visibility

Of course, in order for a search engine to list your site in the search results, it must first find it. Make sure that search engine robots have no access to your site and are unable to read the content of the page – this can be done, for example, by your website builder.

In most cases, search engine robots (among friends bots) will automatically find and crawl, that is, interpret the content of a site and list sites based on it. If your site is really new or has a bot architecture, it can sometimes happen that the site is not (yet) indexed, but you can still report your site and tell your site’s content to search engines using Google’s free Google Search Console tool.

Technical Search Engine Optimization

Meta tags, or site descriptions

The site’s meta tags, called meta-titles and meta-descriptions, tell both search engines and users what that page is about. In search results, the meta-title appears as a clickable title for the search result and the meta description as the search result description. Meta tags are always placed in the section of the site’s code, but nowadays you can also install multiple tools on your site that allow you to edit the meta tags without having to go through the code.

Meta-title and meta-description provide a great place to place keywords on a page, which helps the search engine identify the topic of the page and evaluate its relevance. Clear and informative meta-titles and descriptions also create user confidence and thus improve the ability to visit the site.