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Fine Choices for the Juul Starter Kit

Juul Starter Kit

You may need to try it a bit to find the right volts setting for you. If the voltage is too low, you will not get enough steam; you are too high risk a burnt taste. You also need to adjust the voltage to the e-liquid you are using. Voltage-variable devices are more suitable for steamers which have experience with e-cigarettes and have dealt with the topic of watts and volts. The choice of Juul Starter Kit comes easy there.

At the beginning of the e-cigarette was the term mod for steamers modified or home-made e-cigarettes. They can be beautifully handcrafted e-cigarettes made of wood or very simply puzzled together. Again, you need to know what you are doing or buy the mod from someone who knows what he is doing. Batteries can and will explode if you do the wrong thing with the wrong battery. In forums and on fan pages you will find tips and tricks on the subject and warnings you should pay attention. Do not experiment with batteries unless you are sure how they work.

Nowadays it is more typical that the word mod stands for advanced steam appliances such as the Box Mod. These mods often provide more power and advanced features compared to a regular e-cigarette. For example, the iStick gives you the option to choose between a variable voltage mode and a variable power mode. Another example is the Smok M45, which allows you to choose between variable power and a mechanical mode. Our large assortment of e-cigarette mods can be found.

How do I refill my e-cigarette?

As said, some beginner sets already contain a bottle of e-liquid. For most sets, however, you must buy the e-liquid separately. E-liquid is available from different brands and in different sizes and nicotine strengths. It’s best to click through our large selection of e-liquids and find the right liquid for your taste.

Refill e-cigarette

The method of refilling depends on the type of tank. Most modern vaporizers are often very easy to replenish. As mentioned above, unscrew the vaporizer, hold it slightly tilted and fill the e-liquid via the filling needle of the wrong one directly into the tank. Then screw the evaporator back in and connect it to the battery.

Two things have to be considered here. First, you should avoid putting e-liquid in the small tube in the middle of the tank. This is the trachea, and filling it with e-liquid will cause problems in usage. Second, you should not overfill the tank. If there is a maximum fill mark, do not fill the e-liquid higher than the mark. If the tank is too full, the e-liquid can enter the trachea.


Dripping is a steam method that is very popular with some steamers. Lately, this method has gone out of fashion, probably because of the great popularity of tank systems. Dripping is a relatively simple method and requires a suitable evaporator. An example of a Dripping evaporator is the Evaporator from Council of Vapor.

Juul Starter Kit

Simply drop a few drops of e-liquid directly into the evaporator and then put on a so-called drip tip. Put some liquid in the evaporator every few moves to keep the wick moist. There are some good reasons Dripping fans swear by this method.