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Great Choices for the Immigration Choices Now

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In reality, however foreigners make a positive contribution to the coffers of the Italian state. Despite the absence of policies aimed at labor integration, it can be estimated that foreigners employed in Italy have brought 1.7 billion euros of contributions paid, a balance between income and expenses that has a positive result. From the immigration lawyer london this is the best option now.

Economic Effects

From the point of view of the economic impact, the Dossier shows that immigrant workers pay about 11.9 billion in contributions, which make the contribution of migrant workers in Italy fundamental for many economic sectors, such as health and education, but above all for pensions and care and care for the elderly.

Migrants arriving in Italy are predominantly young, at full working age, and with the social security contributions they pay they largely cover the costs of the services provided to them.

Still from an economic point of view, from these data it is clear that, due to the incidence that immigration has on Italian public spending, those arriving on the territory of the State should be considered a cost only if they are not allowed to enter the market of work with equal opportunities and rights of Italian citizens. Improving integration in the country is therefore a resource.

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The labor market

Given the presence of foreigners in Italy, another important aspect to analyze is that of work. According to a more reasoned analysis of reality, it is clear that there is no competition between Italians and foreigners for an occupation within the world of work. The opinion according to which immigrants remove jobs from Italians is to be denied. The reality is that only 10.5% of all employed in Italy are immigrants, and among these the majority are victims of exploitation and low-paid undeclared work.

  • The data in the Dossier, relating to the situation in Italy in 2017, show that the unemployment rate of foreigners is equal to 14.3%. Furthermore, among the employed, more than a third of immigrant workers are over-educated (34.7%) compared to the profession they are called to perform, despite having a level of study comparable to Italians, end up doing a job in Italy that does not enhances their academic training.
  • Among the professional figures that a foreigner is called to hold there is that of the domestic and family collaborator, about 71%, of which 43.2% are women, is employed in this function.

In many, there is almost half, street vendors and porters, while cleaning and catering workers account for 18.5%. One sixth of the workers are employed in the construction sector (9.7%) while the foreign workers in the agricultural sector are 6.1%.

An analysis of reality shows how foreigners represent a resource for the country

The hoax, which is the background to political slogans and newspaper headlines, which represent foreigners as those who invade us, steal our work and welfare benefits, evade taxes, increase crime and are a threat to state resources, once again it is denied through the data. The options are specific there and that is the reason that you can have the best deal.