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Greater Limits for the Perfect Kindle Choices Now

There are still some models of the previous generation if you do not want to take the plunge. Given the difference in price, there is little to hesitate yet.

In 2015, Amazon launched a new version of its Kindle PaperWhite reader. It is a little thinner than the previous and especially lighter. The quality of its screen makes the difference with a resolution of 1072 x 1440 px for 300 dpi. It exists in 3G version and Wifi version. It is a popular reader for people who bought it, with an average of 4.3 stars on Amazon’s customer reviews. For the visit to   this is the best deals now.

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The Kindle PaperWhite offers a good compromise between good quality and a reasonable price . This is also the most sold on Amazon. It offers a pleasant reading comfort and is well in hand thanks to its anti-slip coating. Its light weight will allow you to read in all positions. Its screen is equipped with a backlight, necessary to read in all conditions. Like any digital reader, it has autonomy of several weeks. Its storage capacity, slightly lower than that of the Kindle Travel nevertheless allows to store a large number of books.

A screen at the height

Just like the Kindle Travel, the PaperWhite is also equipped with eInk Carta and the same screen resolution (1072 x 1440 pixels for 300 dpp). The noticeable difference between the two models is the contrast between blacks and whites. Although very satisfactory, the PaperWhite does not reach the level of travel that outperforms all other digital readers. If you have never tested the Kindle Travel, this difference should not bother you. The comfort is very good.

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A very fluid and pleasant use in everyday life

AmazonThe Kindle PaperWhite offers a powerful touch. Navigation on the menu and in the pages is done through a fully touch screen. There are no exterior buttons. However, the touch is powerful and allows a real fluidity to use. We find the interface of Amazon, which after a few days of taming, is very intuitive and practical. So we have immediate access to the entire Amazon library. This contains 3.5 million titles (200,000). Thousands of royalty-free digital books, such as French classics, are available for free. The Kindle subscription is a good idea if you are a great reader.

The downside: reading formats

The biggest criticism made of all Kindle is the unsupported ePub format. Amazon works with its own format, the AZW. However, there are several ways to work around this problem. The simple use of the software Caliber for example, makes it possible to transform your digital books from ePub format into AZW format.

Access to Amazon benefits

  • By purchasing a Kindle PaperWhite digital reader you will have access to various very interesting benefits.
  • You can store your books purchased on the Amazon catalog directly on a cloud available for free. A cloud is an online storage space. Thanks to the Wifi or 3G connection of your digital reader, you will be able to easily and quickly free space on the internal memory.
  • If you are a Premium customer at Amazon, you can borrow 1 book per month for free.
  • The big readers will be packaged by the unlimited subscription (9,99 € per month) allowing to download as many books per month as one wishes.

Comparison with the Kindle Travel

If this digital reader is very good why buy the Kindle Travel? Three points distinguish the two Kindle:

Mobility: lighter and smaller, the Kindle Travel is much more nomadic and you will tire less wrists while reading.

Reading comfort: The contrast offered by the Kindle Travel is similar to that of a book.

Auxiliary functions: The Kindle Travel offers additional features such as the “sleep” mode that gradually reduces the brightness of the screen or an automatic mode that adjusts the brightness according to the outdoor light.