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History of writing and system of writing

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We all know that writing is the system of communication. Writing is nothing but the representation of language with its symbols that is used as the medium of communication. Writing is the extended capacity of the spoken language which gives the best complement through enabling the generation of durable forms of speech that is transmitted over a long period and stored for a long time with the help of libraries or public records. Through the skill of writing the person can externalize the form of thinking and also the knowledge transforming effects of the writer. The skill of writing helps the writer to give a form to their thinking and it is an easier way that helps to reflect what is in their mind. For every writing providing review is the best part so read my phdessay review is the better option to provide the compliments to the writer or the scholar? With the debatable exception of computer language, writing is not a human language system but it helps to provide the language in the readable form. The form text is known to be the result of the activity of writing, and then the readers of the text are called as the interpreter or the activator of text.

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The history of writing:

The development of the language expression through letters or the other marks is known to be the form of writing. By the proto-writing, proceeded with the more complete form of writing. In the different human civilizations, a method of visual communication represented with the verbal communication with the system of ideographic and then the mnemonic symbols of early times of writing. With the most accurate terms of writing, the linguistic utterance is noted with true writing because of the encoding of the details in the language utterance where the form is reconstructed for another reader. Those writing is differentiated from the proto-writing, where grammatical words and then affixes encodings generally lead to being avoided is very difficult and also impossible to reframe the meaning exactly. Cuneiform is known to be one of the initial forms of writing expression.

Systems of writing:

The writing systems are commonly distinguished from the symbolic communication system that must be generally understood and then associated with the spoken language where the text is comprehended.  Paintings, mathematics, maps, and information signs are known to be the symbolic system which does not need the prior knowledge of the spoken language. The form of language is possessed by every human community, as an innate and defining condition of humanity is regarded. An irregular, uneven, and slow supplantation of the oral system and then the development of a writing system of communication in its process. Rather than the spoken counterparts of the communication, there is a whole change in the writing system which is slower than the spoken part of communication. That the features and expressions of the writing system do not at all exist in the part of the spoken language system. It is a great deal to be with the process of writing because through the writing process there is a great benefit to record the details of the happenings. The recorded information is the greater achievement which is more effective than the spoken skills.