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Houses and the Locations that are important for you

Do not stare blindly at the asking price. But know that with a correct asking price, the negotiating margin is very small. The time of haphazard bidding is over. Be realistic and compare the market prices. If a building has been for sale for a longer period of time, you have a better chance of having a lower bid. Know that a bid is binding upon acceptance by the seller. After that, you can’t go back. Visit for having the best locational advantages of your areas.

Choose your home loan

Good negotiation about your home loan can save you a lot of money. Visit different banks. Did you know that 25% of People take the 1st mortgage offer, without comparison? And that for a borrower who requests 5 offers the total reward can be more than $ 7078.

Sign the compromise

A compromise is a provisional sales agreement. It is a binding document between the buyer and the seller. If your home loan is not yet completely certain, then let the condition precedent be provided. When signing the compromise, the buyer pays an advance or guarantee of usually 10% of the asking price. Be sure to be assisted in this phase by a BIV-recognized real estate agent or your notary. They will check some important things.

Go to the notary

The notarial deed must be signed no later than 4 months after the signing of the compromise. From then on you are the definitive owner of the property and you will be handed the keys unless otherwise agreed with the seller. At that time the price, taxes and all costs must be paid. Do not underestimate these costs. The sales rights, for example, amount to 7% or 10% on the purchase price of an existing home. He comes with new construction.

Is your house in top condition?

You have just taken a closer look at your potential new home, right down to the smallest corners. Well done, it might give you some flaws that can lower the price.

But unless your name is Sherlock Holmes, you may have overlooked something. Moreover, you cannot see everything: sometimes it is really deep inside. So it’s not a stupid idea to have a building technical inspection carried out, then you suddenly know whether the roof, the foundation and the bearing walls are ok. It is a matter of being able to sleep on both ears in your new master bedroom with a balcony.

Are you in love?

Let’s be honest: a little gut feeling is not a bad indicator. Why would you go and live somewhere where you don’t feel at home?

Make another appointment

A first date does not always say everything. No worries because if you feel itchy, you just arrange a second date, right? Let everything sink in, go over your checklist again, talk to some people. And then get completely wrapped up if your heart still beats at a hundred per hour during your second visit.

Neighborhood upstairs

At the top of the buyers and the tenant’s checklist is a pleasant neighborhood. More than 80% of the respondents attach great importance to this. In particular buyers and tenants between 25 and 34 years put the emphasis on it. They find the environment even more important than the house or apartment itself