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How the Police Patches Really Work

police patches

The patches are “labels”, composed of one or more words, to be inserted in a post to highlight the main topics covered or even simply the keywords of the text. Other than categories, patches also serve to specify the contents of them. It is just like using the police patches practically. Therefore you can find the best deals there.

For example, if we are writing a post on Italian cinema classics, we could assign this post to the “Cinema” category and patch those names and terms that appear most frequently in the post: “Fellini”, “Rossellini”, “De Sica” , “Monicelli”, “Neorealism” and so on.

The more or less accentuated use of the patches is at the complete discretion of the user, as is the use of the words that make them up: the ideal would be a maximum of three or four patches per post, made up in turn by one or two words at most.

How to insert patches

police patches

To insert the patches in an article you must use the box with the text box that you find in the right column under “Document”.

Just type the words or phrases inside, separating them from commas and then click on the “Add” button.

They will be listed below, with a button representing an “x”, useful for deleting any patches that you do not want to use for that specific article.

Create a new tag

To create a new patch without temporarily assigning it to any article, click on the “Tag” item located on the left, in the administration panel.

Enter the name of the tag, the slug (which will correspond to the URL of the tag, e.g. and the description (which is not mandatory), as it happens for the creation of a new category.

Once these elements have been written in their respective strings, just click on the “Add new tag” button to see the desired patch appear in the right pane.

Edit and delete a tag

Just as for the categories, also for the patches you can proceed to their modification, quick modification or deletion.

By hovering the pointer over the single patch on the patch management page, the three options will appear automatically a little further down, and then you can click on the desired one.

Turn a patch into a category

Over time, it may happen that a particular patch is used a lot: in this case, the blog user can consider transforming the patch into a category.

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