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How to work together as a team in a virtual escape room in Singapore

virtual escape room

The days of social isolation are still here, and we’re all looking for new ways to keep ourselves occupied, particularly on weekends. Although Netflix watching parties, banana bread baking (how much baking is too much baking?), and family bingos are still popular; there is a new way to pass the time. One new thing you could try this weekend is virtual escape room s built to help you escape reality for a few hours. Choose one of the planned group activities you can do with your friends this weekend, from a Harry Potter room where you can explore the Wizarding World while solving trivia to solving crimes alongside Sherlock Holmes.

virtual escape room

In a virtual escape room in Singapore, here are several pointers on how to work together as a team.

Here are some pointers for forming a good team (both in and outside of a remote adventure)

  1. It is important to communicate.

A lot is working in a virtual escape room in Singapore, and one person can notice something that another does not. Speak up if you see anything that you think is worth trying! Pay careful attention to who has and has not been noticed by the audience if you notice that many people are talking over each other (which is easy to do in a virtual conference). Attempt to have everyone return to each other so that everyone’s voice is heard.

  1. Before you begin solving puzzles, have your Game Guide perform a thorough scan of the room.

Your field of vision is limited by the camera that your Game Guide is pointing at. Before you start digging into the specifics, get a full scan of the space your team is trapped in. This will help each team member mentally construct a complete image of the room and prompt them to consider the various objects and how they can be used.

  1. Make use of 3-D room scans

The 3-D room scans are meant to complement the view provided by your Game Guide. They will help you remember clues and give you a clearer view of the room you’re trapped in.

  1. Maintain your organization

During a virtual escape game, getting your squad, clues, and behaviour coordinated is crucial. During a small adventure, there is usually a lot of chaos, and it can be difficult to keep track of the various clues, objects, and types of doors that you need to unlock to escape. Keep a close eye on your game dashboard, jot down many notes, and plan.

  1. Maintain a sense of order.

In a virtual escape game, getting and keeping organized is crucial. You’ll want to keep track of hints, objects, and the types of locks and codes you’ll need to escape because certain parts of the game require you to create order out of chaos. A pen and paper can be useful in this situation. Often you can’t open one lock without first opening another! Refer to your game dashboard often to help you remember what hints or things you’ve found.