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Humans Responsibility about Dog Health

Dogs are not only domesticated animals. It can serve people in many ways like a hunting dog, guide dogs, and police dogs. Sometimes humans behave as selfish ones. But dogs are faithful to humans. Some people treated a dog as an animal but some people treated as family members. Dog’s basic nature is to save their owner in all difficult situations. Some dogs are normally used for prize shows and designer shows. They are all trained dogs for that purpose. We should know about the dogs at websites. Dogs have many types like poodles and Pomeranian dogs. Dog and human having a good relationship at the early stage itself. So that dogs are considered as a domesticated animal. It is faithful to human. Humans give a nickname to dogs. Dog also accept that and react for that name. These trained dogs sometimes help police to find the thief. The dog has a sense called smelling. Dogs have even been sent to outer space by Russian. The first dog sent up was Laika. We also have guide dogs for blind people. Nowadays blind people have guided dogs for their personal use. Some dogs are also trained to smell for disease in the human body or to find bombs or drugs. These dogs are called sniffer dogs. These are all trained for this job. Dogs also participate in social activities. Dogs make a sound called bark and woof. Dogs cannot see colors because they are color blind. Dogs can see better in dim light than humans because they also have a wider vision. Dogs make a sound called bark and woof.

Routine exercise for dog health care

Humans should provide a protected and clean environment for our dogs. They always keep fresh water for dogs. We should feed a quality food. Humans must communicate with our dogs and develop a relationship between them. Dogs also need food water and shelter like humans. These things are an essential part of keeping our dog healthy. We are responsible for the health and happiness of our dog. We should visit the veterinarian frequently to help prevent illness and solve the problem early. Dog needs exercise to burn calories. It stimulates their minds and stays healthy. Exercise also leads to helping dogs to avoid boredom. It can lead to the destructive behavior of dogs. Humans should follow regular exercise for dogs. Then the only dog stays healthy and leads a happy life with us. Dogs are interested to play games. We give supervised fun and games will satisfy many of our pets. Dogs are happy to dig the ground. They also do many other activities like chew, retrieve and chase. Children like dogs. They are all play with that. We should keep our dog healthy and clean because it played with our children itself. Humans should frequently brush on dogs.

License and Identification

Humans must follow community licensing regulations. We should attach the license to our dog’s collar. This identification should secure our dog from problems. Nowadays we also attached a microchip to the collar. Some members put a tattoo to the dog to prevent. Humans should inspect our dogs during the warm season are important. Because dogs have fleas at that season. We use combs to remove the fleas. Technology has several new methods of flea and tick control.