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Is it possible to connect with the guardian angel?

Guardian angel is our inner voice, though we trust her or not she always belongs to us. She directly connects with our soul. In the Greek language, the word angel is referred to as’ messenger’. This whole thing guardian angel is coming from very past years by years and century by century. In the olden days, there was some voice comes from the sky to intimate what would happen in the future it is called Assyrian. During the civilization of Babylonian, these are blindly trusted by the people and emperor they believed that these Assyrian were assigned by the god to preserve the temples and places. You can find many details about guardian angel through this link It is a common belief that each baby gets its guardian angel on its birth to guide and protect.

How to feel the presence of our guardian angel:

This is not only for Christians these guardian angels are in all religions. People who believe in the guardian angel they call her in different names in different religion like

  • Hindu
  • Jewish
  • Buddhist
  • Muslim
  • Pagan
  • Etc

During the 150 AD, Hermas wrote a famous book called the shepherd of Hermas. He detailedly explained about his guardian angel called shepherd who helped him daily and in all situations. Then coming to 1900, pope Pius XI told that he prayed his guardian angel every morning and evening as a routine, by that she helped him in all the ways like deciding on how to handle the opposition and many such kinds of things. He discussed his problem first to the guardian angel then only to the next person.

In a magazine, before few years there was an article about guardian angel in that the woman who had told her experience with the guardian angel unknowingly. Once she was on the road to go to the opposite side, suddenly a heavy force pushed her to the side but no one around her there a car came with over speed. If she stands there without passing somewhere she might meet an accident. She completely gave the credits to her guardian angel.

During our childhood, we all may trust the guardian angel and asked help to her but while we grow up some may forget her and a few may trust in her. But guardian angel never intervenes with her child’s belief. She assigned to help her child so she does that in some of the ways. To connect with her we should be aware of the dreams that we met. Because mostly guardian angels connect us through dreams by giving some predictions in our dreams. It can be either for good things or also for bad things which may be going to happen for us. she connects with you by another way through the inner voice when you feel down and you need help but you neglect to ask in those times when you keenly watch yourself you will guide by the inner voice that gives the perfect idea to overcome. These are the ways that the guardian angel communicates with her child.