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It is better to choose wooden rings in case of a platinum ring for engagement and wedding function.

wooden wedding rings

Engagement is the period where the married couples are said to be betrothed and engaged in getting married. Mostly in every family, we could not expect that they live combined with all of their family members. Some family members would be abroad, and others would be in different areas. At the time of functions like marriage, engagement, and other functions, they all gather together to celebrate the function. The moment of celebration would make people happier and more memorable. At the time of engagement, cohabitants would have the habit of wearing rings to each other hands to make the day still memorable.

What kind of rings are chosen in the engagement period?

According to the people’s income and their thought, they would choose their function rings. Mostly ring people would choose gold or else platinum-coated rings. Some people would choose¬†wooden wedding rings ¬†for couples. People can buy their favourite rings in jewellery shops. They might show the designs that are kept in their stock. When the customers weren’t satisfied with the design, they could get more new designs with additional rates. Even in platinum rings, jewellers would add some white gold in it.

What are the differences between wooden and platinum rings?

wooden wedding rings

It is too rare to compare platinum rings with the standard wooden rings. Because wooden rings are less in cost and each to get, wooden pieces are available at the cheapest rate. But platinum is more expensive due to its availability. Then wooden rings platinum made rings are high in cost and will not affect soon. In a platinum ring, we could able to place a diamond in the middle of the ring. Adding a diamond would make the ring still beautiful. In a platinum ring, there are prongs, tension, and bezel.

How could the platinum hold diamond on it, and other rings do not?

  • Here the prongs are tiny metal that helps to hold the diamond in it. Even in a platinum ring, it is too hard to place the diamond in it. However, despite your small size, prongs would still be able to influence the look of your engagement or else wedding rings. According to religion, the way of conducting engagement and wedding would differ. Mostly Christianity people would change rings at the time of the wedding. But in other religions, people would celebrate an engagement function.
  • When the number of prongs is more, you need not worry about the diamond placed in the ring. If the prongs increase, the ring could hold the diamond safer. At first, the jewellers would show the prong’s design, where the customer could choose the designs they would like. By choosing a single piece from the multi designs, the designer would fix the diamond in the chosen rings. A standard platinum ring would cost up to 12 to 14 thousand. In case the ring has a diamond on it, those rings would cost still more. Wooden rings are not much costlier than platinum or gold rings. Its minimum rate would be less than four to five thousand.