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Laser Quest and What You Can Expect

laser quest

It is better to attack the base at the same time from different sides, and you need to shoot constantly, even if you still do not see a potential enemy. In general, it is advisable not to remove your finger from the trigger during the whole game. Constantly shooting you stuff your hand and eye. Many players press the machine to the cheek on the side where the speaker is located, this makes you silent in the game and the attack is more unexpected. Go for the best laser quest right there now.

laser quest

To avoid seeing off, use this tactic.

One of the attackers breaks into the base and the second remains behind the nearest wall, in case of an unsuccessful attack, the second attacker “takes off the tail” opponent’s defender from the first attacker and goes on the attack behind the back of the killed defender. The first attacker comes to life and also goes on the attack. This allows you to lure the defenders and does not allow you to score points on yourself. It is also an important fact that when you go on the attack behind the back of the defender, the remaining defenders start automatically shooting at both of you, they certainly can’t hit “their own”, but each shot at a player of his own color is fixed by a computer and points are removed for defeating his own.

Follow the Secret Tricks

In the case when the defenders managed to hide and impede the attack, as well as when the entire enemy team went into defense, use the following trick. After the defeat, rush to the enemy baserunning under the very base or to another place convenient for you the main thing is that it allows you to go alive in defense and “come to life” already near the base, taking a convenient position. The defenders begin to shoot at you all at the same time, and this forces them to crawl out of their ambushes and turn their backs to the passages of the maze. At this moment, the attack of the other players of your team should begin from different passages. This tactic allows the defenders to go into the back. The main thing is that actions are clearly coordinated in time. Against such tactics is very difficult to fight and it can be applied constantly.

Constantly shout out with the players of your team, this gives the necessary information and facilitates the attack. Use shouts like “one in the base” one live defender in the base, and the rest are struck, etc. This allows other attackers to clearly act during the attack.

After the defeat of the base, one of the attackers remains at the base and holds the defenders, the rest return to the defense, since temporarily there is nothing to do at the enemy’s base and this will support their defenders.

Action by the Defenders:

It is the fact accepted that defenders must necessarily hide in ambushes, as this allows them to cover sensors except for the muzzle, of course. Although it is easier to hit an enemy who sits motionless than if he is constantly moving, the more so as professional players go around closing all sensors except the muzzle. Therefore, consider it the best tactic when one defender sits in or near the base itself and constantly changes its location, while the rest guards the approaches to the base and constantly moves, keeps the midline and, in case of danger, instantly returns to the base.