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Live broadcast and its strategy

يلا شوت حصري


koralive Broadcast is the best opportunity for you to share something you’re excited about with the world. To make your broadcast better and exciting, Here are some tips that really help you. So let’s go over it.

  1. Keep the ready backup plan

Always keep a second plan ready and extra materials. Be ready with a second computer, camera, cords, audio cable and connectors. Always keep a charger with you and battery backup. Keep the device charged.

  1. Better organization

Keep cable, connectors, audio clips, microphones, tools, and everything better organized. Keeping everything newer is not always a good idea. Make an investment in lightning and good sounds.

  1. Network connectivity

Keep a good network connection. If possible take Wi-Fi connectivity. Different cellular services take a hotspot as a backup. Check your internet upload speed. Always keep ready the network hotspot connection from another tower or place.

  1. Take feedback

Take feedback from your family and friends on a live test run. It makes sure everything is working best and you also understand the control and machine.

  1. Before start

Before going online check the lightning connection it must be in an ideal location. Avoid background lightning on your subject. Take care about sun reflection; it may create trouble in your scene. If you are thinking about talking then you must mute the background sounds before starting the broadcast. For that, you can use a lapel mic. lapel mic covers the Foam wind. Live audiences are more interested in information and discussion so you must prepare all the notes that you want to share with your audience.

  1. Care must take

Don’t make any private talk near the active microphones. You should wear a single colour shirt which doesn’t have any lines or squares on the shirt. Clear all the doubts of the cameraman about what you want to see out of the camera. Be sure the camera operator should follow your actions and zoom in to honour the right shots. Keep your broadcast simple and professional.

  1. Use checklist

Make a  setup checklist, rehearsal checklists, and show rundowns. If we make a checklist and prepare for everything before programming that helps to keep you tension free and come for your broadcast. Write down all the points which you want to cover in your broadcast. When you feel nervous, those points help you to get back.

  1. Advertising

To Market, your live stream, start advertising before 2 weeks. You must advertise it again and again on online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others. Two days before the broadcast are the most important days to advertise. Don’t stop advertising before 2 hours remaining for the show. Meet the craw some days before broadcasting. For the new craw keep available some short video streams to attract them. You can make offline stream graphics like sharing pictures with your logo where you can text live in 30 minutes. Interact with the audience through chat, on-stream, or before and after the broadcast that makes your relationship with the audience better.

  1. Record show

If possible you can record your show for people who missed the show at that time. Some people don’t have a time when your broadcast is going on. So you can get the highlights of your broadcast.