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Looking for UAE residence Visa for You

uae residence visa

Once behind the wheel, stay on your guard. As in other countries of the Middle East, the driving of the Emiratis is quite dynamic: frequent speeding, forgetting the turn signals, passing by the right, pedestrians crossing outside the passages provided for this purpose. Speed ​​limits in the city ​​vary according to the emirates, inquire well before taking the road. With the uae residence visa you can have the best deals.

It goes without saying that drinking and driving are banned, as it is worldwide. However, the United Arab Emirates has zero-tolerance for drinking and driving, and you risk a heavy fine or even jail. Think about it before you get behind the wheel.


Taxi trips are common in the United Arab Emirates. The prices are very affordable and fixed systematic counter. If you are a single woman, you can borrow one of the pink taxis that crisscross the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, taking care to always ride in the back to avoid any misunderstanding.

uae residence visa

Daily life during an expatriation in the United Arab Emirates


The climate is, of course, the great attraction of the United Arab Emirates. From October to May, the climate is temperate and the day’s mercury is around 25/30 ° C. On the other hand, from May to September, the thermometer can reach 45 degrees. Fortunately, all homes and commercial premises are generally air-conditioned. Even buses are now legally required to have air conditioning. According to many expatriates, this climate favors the impression of vacation that one can have by living there, even if one sometimes comes to regret having no more seasons.


Accommodation in the United Arab Emirates as expatriates is fairly easy. You will find a plethora of modern accommodation offers. The disparity of rent is strong between the emirates, but on the whole, the real estate offer remains stable and, as quoted above, your employer can entirely or partly take care of your rent.

To stay, you will have the choice between large buildings in the city center, or even compounds, groups of villas on the outskirts of the city offering improved services, such as a swimming pool or sports equipment. Rental leases are signed and paid for one year. However, it is possible to negotiate with your landlord in payment in two to four times, by check. Air conditioning is generally included in the rent, but you will have to pay for your consumption of water, electricity and a local tax of 5% of the amount of your rent.

In Dubai, the residential districts are in the districts of Umm Suqueim, Sheikh Zayed Road, Arabian Ranches, Barsha, Emirates Hills or even Jumeirah.

In Abu Dhabi, you will certainly find your happiness on the ledge, made up of the residential districts of Tourist Club, Bateen and Khalidiya, near the city center.

Please note that in the United Arab Emirates, colocation is not officially authorized, in particular for persons of the opposite sex who are not married. For a rental lease or even a hotel room, a couple must, therefore, be married to share accommodation.

Social life

In a country with so many nationalities, social life is organized quite easily, and it is easy to make new friends. There are many groups of expatriates, by nationality or sector of activity, or even by place of residence. You will certainly find your happiness. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the nightlife is very lively. You will find restaurants of all nationalities and for all types of budget.