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Perfect Choices for the Archery Tags Now

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“Prevention is better than cure”, nothing like a little control of the material bow and arrows before you start: the arrow, the tube or the central part and the notch must be sifted. A damaged arrow could break when fired and could cause injury.

Small tip: a slight bending at the level of the tube makes it possible to check its resistance. After making sure that everything is in good condition that nobody is in the shooting area, move on to practice with archery tag singapore .

Bow in hand, arrow in the other, sideways to the target, feet in line with the hips for good stability. The gaze is directed very slowly towards the shooting area. The arrow will be positioned at the marks on the rope in the direction of the target in case you miss the target, it will fall in the same area.

Are you ready to shoot? It’s gone. It leaves and lands in the target. You just have to remove your arrow from the target.

archery tag singapore

Did you shoot with a soft tip?

Take the direction of the target to count your points. To remove your arrow, simply pull the tab on the suction cup to easily remove it from the target.

A little tip: there is no point in running to get to the target, make sure that no one is behind you when you extract the arrow to avoid any incident.

Did you fire with a steel point?

You can recover your arrow, one hand flat on the target by putting the arrow tube in the space between the thumb and forefinger to keep the target in place during the extraction. The other hand with an arrow extractor will simultaneously pull the arrow back to remove it from the target.

As a bonus, here are some practical tips for your safety.

  • Zoom on the arch: remember to store your equipment away from heat and humidity.
  • Zoom on the arrows: as mentioned above, remember to check your equipment.
  • Focus on accessories: have you ever adopted an arm protector? It is the essential accessory to protect you from friction whatever your level.

If you are new to a club, you can also opt for an arm protector, a palette to protect your fingers, as well as a chest protector. It is the essential triptych of the archer.

Simple mistakes and how to overcome them

Developing a solid technique requires time, coaching and the ingredient that no one can ignore: training. Correcting small errors, or differences, that can make it less accurate is important; and who better to talk about than the archers and coaches who have been there, and managed to correct them?

Here is what some of the most accurate athletes in the world have to say to correct the most common mistakes when shooting with a traditional bow.

Losing Sight

Even if an archer is aiming at a certain point at full draw, he often loses the point of aim at the shot. He or she shows the shape of her eyecup: a circle with a dot in the middle. Many archers think of the line of the circle, but they only have to focus on the aiming point in the centre and where it is on the target.

To Aim Too Much

However, that aiming too much can be just as dangerous: Too much to think, and to aim too much. The two are linked. If you think too much, you will aim too much, and you will wait longer.