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Perfect Options With the Best Home Inspection Results

Arad Bedek Bait

It is a mistake to think that an architect can only do projects and supervise works. The architecture has several areas of expertise, among which is the real estate survey. This service ensures the safety of those involved in purchasing and renting homes or business environments. As it is not an activity that is not so remembered in the area, it is common that doubts arise in who wants to specialize. With the Arad Bedek Bait you can expect the best now.

Is there any course? What to bring to the survey?

To help you, we have prepared this special post. Learn what property survey report is and what the 9 points of attention are during a visit.

What is the property inspection report?

Arad Bedek Bait

A property survey report is a document with photos and descriptions of the place that will be rented or purchased. It brings a comprehensive analysis of the property, detailing the hydraulic and electrical conditions. An assessment is also made of the floor, walls, doors, painting and other aspects of the site.

The term of inspection of the property is made in the delivery of keys and the return of the property. It must be signed by the responsible professional, the parties involved and two other witnesses. The document is part of the rental agreement and should, therefore, be attached to it.

What is the importance of property inspection?

After signing a lease, it is necessary for a qualified professional to inspect the property to record how it is being delivered to the lessee. This registration is important because, at the end of the period, the property must be delivered to the lessor as received, disregarding the common deteriorations that arise over time.

This determination is part of the Tenant Law, which regulates the relationship between landlords and tenants. In addition to the professional responsible for the survey term, both the lessor and the lessee must be in place during the analysis. In some cases, and according to the wishes of those involved, the guarantor may also be present. At the end of the lease, a new property inspection report is requested. With both documents in hand, it is possible to identify whether there were misuse and the need for reform.

Who does the property survey term?

Architects and engineers are the professionals qualified to make a property survey report. In the case of lease intermediated by the real estate, the document is issued by the company itself. When buying a new property, the resident must contract an inspection within 6 months after the key is delivered. Within this period, the construction company is obliged to make possible adjustments. There are disclosed the specialization courses held during the year.

Are you an architect and want to learn how to make a rental property survey form?

Remember that the description needs to be as clear and detailed as possible, preferably with many photographs. This care ensures the security of both parties of the negotiation, which will be able to follow all changes in the property during the rental period.


Review the property plan to identify if the measurements are correct. In the case of apartments, identify which walls can be torn down and alert the tenant if any renovations are in the plans.

Hydraulic system

Check that records are opening and closing normally and for leaks. Also, be sure to test flushes and taps. If the water is dark, it may be that the hydraulic system is old or the water tank is lacking maintenance.