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SEO in the Perfect Options Now

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Backlinks from reliable websites to your website are still an important way to secure your position in Google. It is not easy to collect good links. But that is what you should pay attention to. You can find a list of ways to get high-quality backlinks to your own site in this blog post from an SEO specialist. You can click here to have the best of it now.

Some of the successful link building methods that professional proposes so this is not the way most link builders do. The Skyscraper tactic, in which you make the current search results for your term much better and more extensive.

Register as a source for journalists in the English-speaking world they have HARO: Help a Reporter Out, but unfortunately you have not seen a good alternative yet. Go after dead links and report them to the website manager: the idea is that you then pitch your own website as an alternative. Ask administrators who have taken text or images from your website. This happens continuously, to create a link to you as a source.

Use text, images, info-graphics, and videos

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Good content is of course more than just text and many more images that you should optimize. But you actually have to enrich your articles even further with other forms of content. This is how you use the best quotes, infographics, videos, social media and all kinds of sources in your article to make it a truly valuable source.

This way your blog post not only looks longer and more impressive, but you really add value. The best thing is if you can create infographics and other materials that others can take over whereby they should link to your website, but you can also use media that you find elsewhere on the internet.

Make sure you have insight into the statistics of your website

If you do not have insight into the statistics of the website, you cannot actually make informed choices for improvements. SEO improvements that you want to make to your website start with an excellent insight into which pages are doing well in terms of visitors, time on the page and bounce rate. If you do not yet have reliable data, the expert recommends that you add the Google Analytics code as soon as possible.

Add lists and subheadings

By including lists in the article and adding headings with the most important keywords to the article, you make it a lot more attractive for both people and search engines. Make sure you have enough white space and constantly try to hold your attention through an attractive layout and cleverly placed images.

Provide Anchors in Your Text

An anchor or in English anchor is a link to a place on the same page or in the same document. These anchor links are useful for the user because you can use them as a table of contents. You can see the example of such a table of contents at the top of this article. A visitor can view the table of contents and scan if there is an interesting topic that he or she wants to read immediately.

Without such a table of contents, a visitor sees the article and can decide to leave because it is too much text. In the best-case scenario, he saves the article via Pocket to read it later. In the worst case, he never comes back and turns the visitor into a bounce, which is not favorable for your ranking in the search results.