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Simple ways to get more engagement on Instagram

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Now a day life has been almost linked with the technology at every point of time.  Every moment of our life is precious. Each and everyone wants to share the happiest moments and memorable moments to the people whom they love most. Instagram is the platform that we can easily share our happy and precious moments with the public and to those who are listed in followers. Follow these tips to get more auto followers instagram .

  1. Bright color pictures to gain more attention at a single glance

The images posting on Instagram will definitely get a good number of followers if the image was taken with the quality pixel. Eye-catching colors definitely give the first impression to the viewer. The first impression is always the best. The bright colors and bright background will always attractive in the images. The unique places and occasional pictures are always trending in social media because of their attractive colures. The pictures or videos that are taken in daylight are more attractive than the pictures taken

auto followers instagram

Common and across accounts: Joining on the Instagram pod is also a useful tactic to invite the audience. Instagram pods are private groups of 10 to 15 followers, bloggers or businesses that share similar audience and work together. In these pods, people communicate with each other, and every time a member publishes a new post, they share it with the group. The pod members click on the post and leave a comment which boosts users to engross well with the postings. Host on the Instagram contest is also useful for business people. Both will share their audience and Instagram contest. Our business is like a social channel, using web sites as a gateway to bring the audience to our Instagram company page. Cross promotion can boost our presence in Instagram and give more audience to our page to our posts. Creating adds on Instagram also a workable tactic, creating add on the page a guaranteed way to reach more people. When we share this add to our common audience, it reaches more and tells about our post or product to their followers, so drastically it reaches the required engagement to our page.

Always be there.

This doesn’t mean you have to keep posting and updating your Instagram account every hour. But you need to be consistent in your posts. The more regularly you post, the more audience you get. When you are on a social media which is vast as this, you have to keep in mind that people from all around the world will be following you, so they are bound to be some time zone issue. Keep this mind while posting your pics, select a time zone that can give you more activity as soon as you post.

Offers, vouchers, contests

If you are trying to promote your business giving free offers or dropping some vouchers or conducting interesting contests will help you to get more engagement. Use contests to get people to tag their friends, the more you convince people to tag others the more engagement you see on your page.