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Automation of technological processes and production occurs through the gradual introduction of modern methods and systems that require the full development of each individual technological level. How to make an effective transition? You can find this out by visiting industry events and business programs organized by the Central Exhibition Complex. There comes the china cnc service now.

Process Automation in Business

Automation of processes in the business ensures the constant development of the company, increasing competitiveness and increasing revenue, facilitates data analysis, planning and management:

Process automation is carried out at three levels of company activity:

Lower executive: for regularly repeating operations, conveyor production, maintaining environmental parameters and operating modes in a given range,

Medium tactical: distributes tasks between lower-level components, participates in the planning and management of resources and data,

Upper strategic: enterprise management, analytics and forecasting.

First of all, the transfer of AI management and control functions is used in production, accounting and document management. The technological autonomous system operates in accordance with the fundamental principles:

Electronic Office Systems are designed to automate management processes. This type of software simplifies and standardizes the management of corporate content, documentation and workflows.

EOS provides:

  • Collection of analytical information,
  • Organized storage, structuring and unification of data,
  • Quick response to contextual and attributive queries,
  • Creation and coordination of projects,
  • Remote and collective viewing and editing in a single space,
  • Connection of client applications,
  • Transfer of instructions and reports on implementation.

Automation of processes in production the introduction of new technical and technological solutions performs a number of functions:

Helps increase production. The modernization of equipment leads to an increase in efficiency, a reduction in the cost of goods, and an increase in the number of products per unit of time.

Reduces production costs:

The payback periods of process automation are calculated depending on the size and specialization of the enterprise. After this period, the use of an integrated system reduces production costs.

Optimizes the number of staff

To control an automated system requires fewer specialists.

Improves product quality

New equipment reduces production time and allows the use of other types of raw materials to improve the quality level of goods.

Reduces operating costs

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High-tech automated equipment requires less auxiliary resources, electricity and others.

Automation and control of technological processes and production at exhibitions

On the basis of the pavilions of the Expo-centre Fairgrounds, exhibition events are held annually for all industries. The business program of the exhibitions consists of congresses, forums, round tables, presentations, press conferences, which discuss issues of improving the quality of products through the introduction of automated control systems. Exhibitors will be able to demonstrate their own production achievements in the form of graphical reports on electronic stands after installing automation in the technological lines of an industrial facility.

Automation of business processes at exhibitions

The introduction of automated processes facilitates the tasks of management and marketing. Thanks to such systems, the percentage of errors in planning, design and development is eliminated. The level of analytics rises, and production processes are modernized.

You can find suppliers of specialized software or high-tech equipment enter into contracts for integrating an automated node into company structures and technical support at industry exhibitions and congresses. Some of the largest international events and business programs in the B2B segment are organized and carried out at the Expo-center Fairgrounds.