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Smarter Options with the Essential Freight Service

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Then you need to know if the intermediary has sufficient competence, experience and know-how. In this case, it is important to research the history of previously classified providers, look for references and referrals from other clients, verify the qualification of professionals and technical managers, and consider the specialties and portfolio. With the ارخص شركة نقل اثاث بجدة you can have the best deals available.

Process Agility

When it comes to transportation, agility is indispensable. The intermediary company must have optimized processes and routes, as well as contingency plans to circumvent situations involving breakdowns, unforeseen events and urgencies which are usually due to weather phenomena, roadblocks and traffic accidents.


سيارات نقل اثاث في جدة

Budget figures always weigh heavily when choosing one provider or another, but this should not be the only factor to consider. Considering only the cost is a serious mistake, as it can lead to the hiring of poorly trained or restricted companies in certain regions.

In addition, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) must be inserted into the performance contract as a way to monitor and manage the entire operation. These KPIs include the quality of deliveries, and even if monthly demand is variable or seasonal, these rates should be positive.

Another indicator to be applied is the ROI (internal rate of return). Through this calculation, it is possible to compare the gains or losses generated by outsourcing logistics. This way, ROI can show whether hiring an intermediary company was really beneficial.


In this regard, it is necessary to observe the service capacity, the prices charged, the compliance with the deadlines, the facilities offered and the embedded technology. All of these aspects form a solid foundation for efficient and cost-effective operation avoiding the risks involved in freight and also delays and contractual fines.

Differentials and services included

The intermediary company’s differentials should also be verified. Some have an online working platform that allows them to track each stage of transport in real-time. This feature ensures more security and peace of mind for the contractor.

You can also find companies that have partnered with many carriers to cover much of the national territory. This variety reduces costs as there is always a provider nearby and available regardless of location.

Another important issue to be mentioned is their technical knowledge of mandatory laws, regulations and taxation. By hiring, it is easier to avoid these complications and ensure that all movements are regular, including import and export. Some sites provide an online quote tool. This allows you to get valuable information at any time making planning and decision making easy.

What are the differences between Redespacho, Intermediate Redespacho and Subcontracting?

Logistics outsourcing can be seen in different modalities, such as redespacho, intermediate redespacho and subcontracting. However, in all cases, it is necessary to use the Electronic Transport Knowledge (CTE). This digital document is issued and stored electronically, with the purpose of making a cargo transportation service provided by various modes of road, air, rail or waterway.


Repackaging occurs when one carrier provides only part of the service and hires another to fulfill the remainder of the intended journey. The contracting company is renamed and has a responsibility to the customer to bring the goods to their final destination. The contractor is now called redespachada and has an exclusive legal relationship with the contracting carrier.