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Team activities in-game or race and their rewards

Virtual Amazing Race Singapore

Like “The Amazing Race”, which centers around various landmasses, the game highlights a race around a particular area (for example Plantation Road). The area is imparted to understudies before the real date of the instructional exercise meeting so they can be at the site by the beginning of the meeting for Virtual Amazing Race Singapore . Be that as it may, in contrast to “The Amazing Race”, which contains numerous scenes per cycle, the game is planned as a single-scene cycle, unconventional to the module for that specific semester. Other areas (for example Marina Bay or the Civic District or Changi Airport) might be chosen for ensuing semesters to stay away from reiteration quite far. Up to this point “The Amazing Race: Version GEK1010” game has been played threefold utilizing the Public University of Singapore (NUS) School of Design and Environment premises, Orchard Road, and NUS UTown as areas.

Team activities in the race

Virtual Amazing Race Singapore

All understudies in the instructional exercise class are isolated into groups of two individuals each. Because of lopsided class measures, the number of groups may change from 11, which is regular for each pattern of “The Amazing Race”, to 14. With regards to the soul of “The Amazing Race”, where groups comprise of two individuals with a previous relationship, understudies are permitted to pick their accomplices and structure their groups with their companions and schoolmates.

Resources for race legs to pit stop

In contrast to “The Amazing Race”, no money-related stipend is conceded and groups are not needed to utilize the cash to finish their assignments. In any case, groups may utilize their PC journals, cell phones, cameras, and other advanced gadgets to access web assets, library e-assets, and online media. Toward the beginning of the game, all groups are accumulated at the principal Pit Stop (for example entrance of ION Orchard in Orchard Road). As this game underlines innovative reasoning, experiential learning, and down-to-earth application by understudies, no course markers are given as there could be more than one answer or answer for the errand. In this way, dissimilar to a fixed course that is dictated by the different legs of “The Astonishing Race”, there are no particular Pit Stops in this game and groups can make their learning excursions to encourage their advancement in the game.

Rewards for winner

As this game is a learning experience for understudies to relate and apply the hypothetical information that they have gained in the study hall to genuine world circumstances, no groups will be killed. All groups are urged to finish as many dispensed assignments as conceivable since each errand that is finished agreeably scores an imprint for cooperation in the instructional exercise meeting. No imprints are dispensed for uncompleted assignments or undertakings in progress toward the finish of the instructional exercise meeting. All groups proceed with the competition to finish however many designated errands and legs as conceivable inside the instructional exercise span of one and a half hours. Toward the finish of the instructional exercise length, an email is shipped off all groups by the guide who counts their scores from the assignments that they have finished. The triumphant group is the group with the most elevated score. The race closes and all groups are excused straightforwardly from the site.