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The best Choices in the Perfect Restaurant Options for You

The face of corporate catering is changing. No more strictly functional and impersonal canteen. Make a way for open and connected spaces. It is a matter of well-being for employees who devote time to their lunch break despite the temptation to eat in front of their screen in order to optimize their working time even more. Meal delivery, therefore, appears to be a popular alternative. A visit to makes things perfect now.

Corporate catering in figures

Released in November 2018, a study interface Restauration indicates that 40% of respondents have access to a company restaurant. However, almost half (48%) opt to reheat a dish previously prepared at home. If a quarter of them (24%) simply have lunch at home, 6 out of 10 people questioned prefer the restaurant, a third the parks and gardens.

The workers are torn between two contradictions. They know that their well-being and their efficiency at work depend in part on their meals. Paradoxically, they suffer from a business context that encourages them to maximize their working time, even if it means drastically reducing their lunch break or even eliminating it. In the United States, this is known as the desktop lunch, which is the fact of gobbling up your screwed lunch at your office seat.

Lunch break: eat better with less time?

In 2015, an Ideal Meal survey of 2,500 Edenred employees in 14 countries estimated the time reserved by the French for their lunch break to more than 45 minutes. The average was 30 minutes. Again, the link with well-being is relayed by respondents: 41% see their lunch as a moment of rest and relaxation. Ideally, employees expect quality food, friendliness and convenience. Yet another paradox: the fundamental criterion mentioned nevertheless remains time.

So, how can we eat better, in a reduced period of time? One of the alternatives to the company restaurant that can answer this question is the meal tray delivery service. Workers have the opportunity to access quality ingredients and dishes. They can have lunch according to their schedule, in a team meeting, in front of their computer or in a community with colleagues in a space reserved for them.

Have meal trays delivered to your company

Fashion coming from Anglo-Saxon countries, meal tray delivery is a specialty of the Tout & Bon caterer. This service echoes new consumer behaviors in general: flexibility, mobility and instantaneity. Workers can worry about the quality of what they eat without snacking on their lunch break while running right, left. Fresh products, organic products, local products: it is well-being and health that are privileged.

To benefit yourself from the delivery of meal trays in companies, know that the Tout & Bon network extends throughout France with 20 establishments specialized in this niche market. Less attentive than employees on the prices of meal trays, companies allow you to access lunches at 15 or 20 euros. This cost is lower than that of traditional catering, less travel and waiting times.

  • The establishment must provide dishes to share.
  • The kitchen must be ready to be able to process this order within the time limits
  • The establishment must offer the possibility to each member of the group to be able to pay separately.