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The best Experiences withjumping castles

jumping castles

Children will not tell you otherwise, jumping castles  are still popular with children and adults. Indeed, these soft structures are not only ideal for them to bounce and have fun in complete safety, but also they are generally fun and colorful.

jumping castles

What child has never dreamed of seeing a bouncy castle in an amusement park to find him in his garden?

Prince, princess or adventurer, all roles are possible in these structures with forms of a fortress, with sometimes even a slide. This is what makes the extra soul compared to the trampoline. The other advantage is that there are walls, also inflatable, which prevents injuries by falling outside. You can very well have bouncy castles for hire. Indeed, many use them for special events wedding reception, party and therefore do not wish to install it permanently. If you are doing a comparison of everything that exists in this area, here is the overview of Mueller-Trampoline of the best products online, and for cheap.

Bouncy castles on the internet

Although you can buy it in-store, Amazon remains a benchmark for distance shopping, and you will generally benefit from delivery methods specific to bulky packages and sometimes free delivery. You will find there many models of inflatable castles, with good opportunities at variable prices, adapting to all budgets. Feedback from other users who have already taken the test is also a good indication to confirm a crush.

Less than 200 dollars

The first product will delight little girls with a Disney princess castle from the Bestwaybrand. It will not cost you more than 90 dollars and can accommodate one or two children, in a fairly limited space reserved for young children.

It is indeed 157 cm long by 147 cm wide and 163 cm high. What makes all its charm is its pink and blue color and the drawing of the heroines of Disney that we find everywhere on the towers. Signs easily understood by even the smallest remind you to take off your shoes before entering.

The inflation is easily carried out using a permanent blower system that plugs into the sector, which you will receive at the same time in your package. Another asset, a repair kit and a storage bag are provided by the brand. Accessible for children from 3 years old, it can accommodate around 2 jumpers. Sold for less than 170 dollars, previous customers confirm that it is a very sturdy product with an excellent quality or price ratio.

Less than 300 dollars

The next model is also a Happy Hop bouncy castle. This time it takes the form of a real fortress with 4 towers, a blue base recalling the water surrounding these buildings, and a slide to be able to slide outside.

It inflates in a few minutes thanks to the permanent blower and will quietly deflate itself when you no longer want to use it. Its measures of 365 cm in length by 265 in width and 215 in height allow it to accommodate up to 3 children, with an age limit starting from 3 years.

In the delivery, you will receive the blower, as well as a transport bag. The previous users share with us the good idea of ​​affixing a tarpaulin to the ground below your castle, to protect it from possible sharp elements and friction. The Happy Hop brand is a benchmark in the field of inflatable play equipment.