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The Right Kinds of Signs: Metal or Non Metal for You

Metal Signs

In marketing, printing an advertising poster is equivalent to “screaming” a message so that passersby listen to it. Do you want to make your voice heard? Here are some useful tips from the printing experts to design effective Metal Signs .

How effective an advertising poster should be

Metal Signs

People increasingly move in distracted traffic, not to mention how we walk without looking around, maybe with our eyes fixed on the smartphone. An impactful advertising poster is one that can catalyze the attention of passersby by arousing interest and curiosity and distinguishing itself from other external elements of the passage. Certainly choosing a strategic position is important but before that, even the content of the advertising poster must be effectively designed. To do this, it is important to aim for a clear and concise message that reaches the eyes and remains imprinted in memory. The right balance of those who design an advertising poster must be to find an image and a message/slogan that is simple but at the same time intriguing and striking. In fact, it must be considered that advertising through advertising posters has a particular target: in a few seconds, you have to get the advertising message received and make sure that it remains imprinted in the memory distinct from the competition.

Print advertising posters: format, paper type graphics

The form is also important: large format advertising starts on average from 50 × 70 upwards (up to 6 × 3 m). Given the use, it is intuitive that the poster advertising must be clearly visible even from a distance, therefore the resolution higher than 300 dpi would be useless.

  • At a graphic level, moreover, it is necessary to know how to distribute text and images with wisdom: a few lines but very light, preferably with dark characters on a light background in order to exploit the contrast effect.
  • There is nothing more ineffective than a ruined and torn poster: it immediately gives a sense of neglect. Attention therefore also to the choice of poster paper: if the advertising is to be displayed outside, it is necessary to invest in the so-called anti-pulp paper, which resists atmospheric agents.

Message: One of the purposes of any street marketing message is to address the user directly. Therefore, the message must be direct, easy to remember and as personalized as possible, so that the potential customer can come to recognize that this message is designed specifically for him. So knowing the area where the ad will be placed will also help create a message that remains effectively in the memory of the potential target.

Communication medium: Choosing the correct means of communication on which to produce creative advertising is another of the fundamental aspects. A good strategy to be able to capture the attention can be obtained by interacting the billboard with the other elements that are in the place of installation, transforming it into an object in itself impacting.

Digital outdoor advertising media, DOOH

Digital screens are, without a doubt, one of the most effective outdoor advertising media. The advantages of the outdoor led wall are many, also taking into account a large number of digital media on the market today.