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Tips for creating a retrospective of the year

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Whether it’s travel, party, sports, hiking, children’s or animal photos, we accumulate an incredible number of photos throughout the year. All these moments will be captured and recorded with a camera or smartphone. And that’s normal, it’s important to keep track of special events organized by sports clubs, the class of your children or the choir. In the case of the die cut paper crafts this is important now.

A personalized photo album provides a glimpse of the past year and saves you from forgetting your photos on your hard drive. It’s always nice to have such a scrapbook to remember all your memories and share them with your loved ones.

Today we give you some tips and tricks to create a perfect photo album.

Taking, organizing and selecting photos

Finally, the design of a photo album begins well before its actual creation. Paying attention to certain details when shooting and selecting photos saves a lot of time and energy when making the scrapbook.

Adjust camera settings

Saving the places and the date of each photo makes it possible not to have to look for this information afterward. Indeed, you can set different information depending on your camera and your smartphone.


Take your photos in portrait or landscape format depending on the situation. You will have more possibilities and can vary the layouts when creating your photo album.

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Small souvenirs such as entrance tickets or festival programming, for example, will also find their place in your scrapbook. Just make a nice picture of your memories.

Save and organize your photos

Photos should be regularly transferred from your camera to your computer and sorted clearly, especially if multiple cameras have been used. We have gathered all the important information for the management of your photos in a dedicated article:

Choose the type of scrapbook adapted

The scrapbooks stand out mainly because of their manufacturing process, their covers, their bindings and the maximum number of pages possible.

For example, the Premium Photo Paper Scrapbook is available with up to 120 pages. This type of album in real photo paper has smooth pages, a hardcover and special bindings. Plus, this high-quality photo paper enhances your photos and gives them a unique glow.

The website offers indeed different scrapbook with high-quality prints as well as many types of covers and bindings. Among this wide choice is for example the Deluxe scrapbook (132 pages maximum), the Premium scrapbook (84 pages maximum), the Soft scrapbook (132 pages maximum) or the Spiral scrapbook (84 pages maximum). One of the great advantages of digital printing is that it avoids leaving fingerprints on the photos.


The website scrapbooks are available in different formats. However, we advise you to opt for a minimum A4 album in order to have enough space for all your most important images of the year.

Structure of the scrapbook

The scrapbook is usually organized by month, season or special event. For example, mark the season-to-season transition using a title or cover photo in your scrapbook. In this way, the reader will be able to browse the book through the themes.

Naturally, you can present your photo album according to a specific theme. For example, you can opt for a travel photo album for your holiday memories, a family photo album for important moments with your loved ones or for a holiday photo album to immortalize the most festive moments. So you can relive those moments again and again.