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What are micro-cement and its advantages?

what is a microcement

Microcement is generally known as micro concrete or micro screed which is made of polymer modified cement coatings. The microelement is mainly used to make coatings to the thin walls, floors and stairs which give a domestic as well as commercial environment. Moreover the micro-cement is used for coatings mainly because it has strong bonding power due to its bond power it is applied to any type of surface such as wood or tile or it may be an existing surface of concrete flooring. Many can think what is a microcement and why it is so popular? How micro-cement is widely used? To all these questions the answer would be simpler since the micro-cement adapts for all types of floor surface and walls it is widely used by people. Moreover, due to its high qualities at present, it is popularly used by interior designers, business people and home owners.

Why Microcement flooring is best?

what is a microcement

All home owners or business people wish to have an industrial and aesthetic look to the building in order to achieve that micro cement flooring would be the best choice for them. It is mainly because of it’s quality and material usage; here are some of the common factors why people widely use micro cement flooring are listed below.

  • When micro cement flooring is done, it gives a complete floor with a seamless finish which gives a contemporary look and modernized trends look.
  • Many can think such micro-cement is best fit for the business area but rather micro cement is the best choice for home too.
  • It provides a trendy look when micro cement flooring did to home kitchens, living rooms and bathroom, in addition, it can be done to all wet rooms.
  • Similar to another type of flooring even in micro cement flooring people have to customize choices in color, texture tone and material.
  • While using micro cement materials for flooring and coating thin walls and surface gives hygiene and hypoallergic properties which makes the surface clean and stain free.
  • Microcement flooring is often not available with traditional polished flooring rather micro cement flooring is available in different color tone and texture which gives a modern

Apart from the above properties, the customer has several benefits such as anti-slip properties which are often used in homes. This anti-slip property provides a clean environment which is ideally made for children, older people and to the traffic environment. In addition one of the great thing in having micro cement flooring, it does not result with unexpected designs or any flooring failure which commonly occurs while installing  flooring system or doing existing flooring surface.

Main features of micro cement flooring:

There are some main features of micro cement flooring which make them wider use such as the micro cement flooring is flexible in nature it means when the flooring is done with micro cement the chances of cracking is less when compared to other floorings. Moreover, the micro cement flooring can be installed even on elastic mortar layer due to its flexibility the flooring would be good for a long time and durable in nature. Once the flooring is done, the customer has the option to redecorate them with their new choice which is one best option with micro cement flooring. You can get more details about what is micro cement and its related information through