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What Makes Time Tracker App So Important for You

Free timetracker app

One of the worst nightmares for most employees in agencies is the timesheet. Employees avoid it at all costs but time or the person who has the misfortune of having to collect monitoring reports always ends up catching up with them. Make use of the best Free timetracker app and have the best solutions there.

The real problem with tracking hours is that employees must indicate the time they spend on absolutely everything they do and nobody likes to be accountable. No one wants to know if this or that project has been longer than it should have been, or to discover that they have spent less time than expected on a task supposed to be “colossal”.

Free timetracker app

Why use a timesheet?

This is inevitable because our industry depends entirely on billable hours. Even service contracts define the number of hours the agency must devote to a specific client each month. However, no one really takes note of their hours. Agencies therefore never know exactly how long it takes to complete a project.

Take the following example: a designer estimates that it will take him 10 hours to complete creation. Three months later, he filled out his hour’s report over a period of two weeks and indicated that he had spent 11 hours on this project. He has not taken note of his hours, but he believes this is a good approximation. In addition, he considers it fashionable to give the impression that he has invested a lot in this project. The team leader examines the hour’s sheet and compares it to the initial estimate. He draws two conclusions:

  1. The project is not profitable
  2. Future quotes must count 15 hours for this type of creative project.

Now, if the designer had tracked his hours, he would have realized that he had only spent 6 hours on this order. This information would have changed the agency’s perspective regarding this type of project. In addition, this miscalculation causes prices to swell. It gives the false idea that all projects of less than 15 hours are not profitable for the agency. Time records are therefore a necessary evil to guarantee profitability.

9 hours tracking software worth a detour

To determine the exact time it takes to write a blog post, create a landing page, or even meet the needs of a particularly demanding customer, you need simple and reliable time tracking software. of use. It should also be user-friendly and include all of the required functions, without being overly complicated. Add-ons and time tracking applications are available in many other agency project management systems.


TrackingTime is a web program that tracks hours by the task. Just enter a task, choose a project, and press Play to start tracking. This platform allows you to see the tasks of other employees and automatically creates time reports based on your activity in the application. TrackingTime also offers an iPhone application for employees who are on the move.


Timely is a hybrid solution that combines a task list, a time tracking application and a calendar. It is compatible with major calendar providers such as Google and Apple, and each task is associated with a specific project. This program allows managers to consult their team’s projects and calendars. They see who is overloaded and which projects are over budget.


Harvest offers a robust and easy to use hour tracking application. The application allows managers to remind team members to submit their hour sheets. It also allows them to review billable and non-billable hours within the company and send invoices.

A desktop application is also available, and Harvest integrates with tools such as Basecamp, Trello and Zendesk. One of the company’s new solutions is called Forecast. It should facilitate the allocation of teams to future projects, as well as planning deadlines when developing responses to calls for tenders.