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What to do in case of losing your car key

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There are three major types of vehicle keys. It is often the age of the vehicle, rather than the brand, that dictates the complexity of replacing the key.

For vintage cars, the key is of a type that is limited to opening and closing the doors manually and start. If you have a backup copy, key duplication does not take more than a minute. A responsible locksmith will ask you for a copy of the registration document or other proof that you are the owner of the vehicle, but this is not systematic. For the Dodge key fob battery replacement this is the best deal now.

If your key is equipped with a first generation transponder, electronic connection between the key and the contactor, you will be able to find one at a specialized locksmith. It will be necessary to provide the code number of the key. If none of these specialists are installed near you, you can place an order on the internet.

Dodge key fob battery replacement

For new generation keys, the transition to the dealer is often essential. This type of car key is indeed equipped with a rotating code transponder, also called crypto transponder. Appealingly, this key is very close to the single-code transponder key, but with the crypto key, a new code is programmed at each startup. The computer can track the changes of two keys only.

Some specialized mobile auto locksmiths are able to provide you with a new crypto key, but that depends on the car model you own. Whether it’s a locksmith or dealer, you need to provide the registration card or key ID numbers.

In the second case, the request is sent to the manufacturer who sends the new key within a period of up to 15 days. If you have repossessed your car with a duplicate key, you will need to bring it back to the dealership to have the new key programmed.

Is car key loss indemnified by insurance?

Redoing a car key can cost a few dollars for the simplest models to over 200 dollars for a crypto model. The possible towing and some ancillary costs can lead to a very high bill. Insurances do not reimburse the loss of car keys, whether it is the car or motorcycle or home contract. However, some bank cards offer the lost keys guarantee.

As soon as you realize that you no longer have your keys, do not wait to tell your insurer. Find his number quickly and call him. He will immediately register the incident. In this way, you will be allowed to start immediately the work of change of the security system. As a result, you will receive a letter that confirms:

  • The official registration of the claim
  • Authorization to commence work.

What repairs?

The key to a car, today, no longer only opens the doors, the trunk and the fuel tank by sliding in the locks. It is also a real small electronic remote control that serves both:

  • Remotely control the locking and unlocking electronics
  • Activate an electronic lock: the transponder
  • Possibly activate an immobilizer system
  • And, of course, start the car engine, activate the general electrical system and unlock the steering.

To steal his key, it is therefore necessary to change all that. And not anywhere: in the network of the manufacturer of your vehicle. Indeed, he alone can provide and initialize a new code for the new lock plus key set.