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Why love magic was shunned earlier

Elian David Legamento d'amore il Plagio

The accusations were severely critical and one-sided and mispronounced as witchcraft which was used to coerce the act of self-indulgence. The love magic suddenly turned into something vicious during those times and it was thought to be the manifestations of Satan and witchcraft used as a medium to satisfy carnal desires with other men. The use of sexual power to get something such authority, gift or something else. This was no longer a sacred part of the system and people for practicing love magic of any sorts. Make the best use of Elian David Legamento d’amore il Plagio .

Elian David Legamento d'amore il Plagio

How it still remains till date

Love magic still prevailed, and it was still held close to heart by few and preserved secretively for centuries after. But practiced lesser as people forgot all about loving each other only thought of getting ahead in life and accumulating wealth and property. The material pleasures were devoid of love and devotion. The replacement brought about hatred, jealousy and cut-throat competition and the bond and love among the sexes was lost. People were more consumed in gathering other things such as discovering and inventing, this led to many revolutions which were in the benefit of mankind. Yet love magic held its place in the in people who still had faith in it and felt that it would work its way on people who are ready for it.

The stories that were made up then were showing women in poor light and they were considered witches if they used the love magic, as it was said they satiated their power cravings from these carnal desires converting the man into a demon when he made love to her. This absurd thing brought a lot of people who believed in love magic to fear and they were now ready to hide their knowledge of spells and magic for the fear of being ostracised by society. The accusations were unbelievably ridiculous, and it was all bound by superstition so was love magic, but it was for the wellness of a couple to come together and not harm being propagated as this.

How love binds everything

Love magic with its wonderful spells and its way of getting people to come to fall in love and stay in it or binding them in a way that would bring about only happiness. No the way to use sexuality to bring a person close to them. Though men were equally involved in the spells and charm as well as the use of love magic, history, and literature of those times have left them out conveniently, they used to love magic to get to unattainable women. When suddenly it became a taboo subject, men quickly disassociated with it.

There are still people in this contemporary world trying to seek true love or get their love back in life or get their love life in order. They have been keen to seek solutions and one of them being love magic which is now sought and the word of mouth has made people it has some kind of way that will make you believe that love will always be bettered with more love and you will get this by using the effective ways of love magic.